As an independent consultant, services can be provided for technical as well as for organisational challenges. Typical for a ‘bridge builder’, the solutions are well advised and balanced in the triangle formed by process management, product management and project management.

However, this balance is not fixed, but flexible so it can evolve with the development of the organisation as a whole, in the short and the medium term.

ProcessProcess Management
Consultancy and tailored implementation of process management for effective, efficient and agile production organisations, for both custom-built as standard processes.

Product ManagementProduct
Consultancy and product management, including business development methodology, marketing plan, road mapping, innovation strategy and product development, intellectual property, (flexible) standardisation, setup for product families, product configurator, equipment selection, design and cost price calculation and life cycle support (product
advisory services, spare parts philosophy and maintenance programmes).

ProjectProject Management
Consultancy, implementation and (interim) project management in a project organisation. Both for one-off custom-built projects and tailored solutions based on standard modules and components.

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General Conditions in accordance with NLingenieurs, DNR 2011, revised (July 2013)